Thailand Online Panel “”

YesPanels manages and recruits highly profiled Thai online consumer and B2B panels. Our panels are used exclusively for research purposes and panel management efforts are continual. This results in well-balanced and representative proprietary panels, which are dynamic and in constant development.

YesPanels focuses on active panel management and panel quality assurance. As a result of our extensive local expertise, YesPanels is familiar with local customs, research possibilities and limitations, and online research ethics.

Development of Online Questionnaire

We also develop the online questionnaire faster, efficiently and inexpensively. We can create a multilingual and logically complex HTML questionnaires for your research study.

Other Services


We can offer verbatim or coded responses in categories for better comprehension of your tabulation.  We are specialists in verbatim translations and coding open-ended questions.


Our Thai team can build and implement your survey in Thai languages simultaneously and also translate the responses.